Type of Bee

Apis sp. is a group of bees that collect pollen and nectar and brew them into honey. In the bee's group, there will be three types of bees; one queen bee, 1-15 million worker bees and 500-1500 male bees/drone. Bees will keep working to collect nectar/food, during the day they will collect nectar while in the night they will brew the nectar into honey. They also play an important role in plant pollination.

Queen bee

* Appearance: slender and steady.

* Life: 3-4 years.

* Work: spawning, the only female eggs which can undergo spawning process. The sperm of the drone can be kept alive for several years in the body of the queen bee and has the ability to inseminate.

* When the queen bees death, the colony will nurture the new queen.

Worker bee

* Appearance: the body is small, but skill is vigorous.

* Work: looking for nectar, collecting honey, pollen, built honeycomb, protecting the hive.

* Life: 50-60 days.


* Appearance: larger than the workers and round, the body was black.

* Work: no other task,  responsible for mating with the queen only, immediately death after the mating.

* Life: 50-60 days.

* There is no sting, so do not have the ability to attack.