Pollen is the essence of plants. During plant pollination, the male flower on the anthers, will produce a lot of powder-like small particles, called pollen. Stingless Bee will bring the collected pollen back to their hive for storage, this kind of bee pollen has a higher sterilization detoxification effect!

Ingredients: Pollen contains a variety of nutrients, including 22 kinds of amino acids, 14 kinds of vitamins and more than 30 kinds of trace elements and  active proteases, nucleic acids, flavonoids and other active substances. Pollen rich in protein in the form of free amino acids and vitamin C.  It contains a variety of minerals, these minerals, some elements are: potassium 20 to 40%, magnesium 1 to 20%, calcium 1 to 15%, iron 1 to 12%, silicon 2 to 10% 1 to 20%.


(1) to enhance the human body immune system, improve the body resistance to disease.

(2) anti-aging, beauty effect: can nourish the skin, restore skin elasticity and smooth, keep the hair black and beautiful.

(3) prevention and treatment of brain cardiovascular disease: pollen flavonoids can effectively remove the deposition of fat on the wall of the blood vessels, and thus play a role in softening blood vessels and blood lipid.

(4) weight loss:  pollen lecithin can burn excess fat, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

(5) regulate gastrointestinal function: pollen has many bactericidal ingredients, can kill E. coli, and can prevent constipation.

(6) liver protection liver: pollen in the flavonoids can also prevent the deposition of fat on the liver.

(7) regulate the nervous system, promote sleep.

(8) adjuvant treatment of other diseases: pollen for anemia, diabetes, improve memory, menopausal disorders have a better effect.