Stingless Bee

Stingless Bee

Stingless bee hive is made from propolis, the taste of stingless bee honey is sour sweet.

Products from Stingless Bee:-

(1) Stingless bee honey
(2) Propolis
(3) Stingless Bee pollen

Stingless Bee (Trigona sp.) is living in the tropics area. It is active in tropical and sub-tropical country such as South-East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines), Australia, Tropical America (Mexico, Argentina), India and Sri Lanka. Stingless bee do not have sting, so they will not sting people; but if their hives are disturbed, they will bite to defense their hive. Stingless bee hive is built in a protected tree trunk with a small entrance and guarding bees were stationed at the entrance.

Stingless bee hive are separate into two portions/nests which are larvae nest and storage nest. Normally, stingless bee used the sticky resin - propolis to built their hives and nests.

When the stingless bees are young, they will stay at their hives; when growing up, they are responsible to collect nectar and protect their hive against enemy. Normally one hive of stingless bee can accommodate 1000-3000 worker bees.

The hind legs of Stingless bee have enlarged parts which can let the bees to bring the pollen and propolis back to their hive. This enlarged part is called the pollen basket. After the stingless bee collected nectar or pollen and back to their hive, you may see the pollen basket is filled with yellow or orange colour of pollen or propolis.

 Stingless bees like to collect resin, these resins are used to make propolis. Besides, stingless bee also collect nectar and then bring back to their hive, the concentration of stingless bee honey is dilute if compared with pure honey.

Diagram showed hive of Stingless Bee

Diagram showed Stingless bee built their hive on the tree trunk

Entrance of the hive

There is an easier way for bee keepers to collect the stingless bee honey by using stingless bee cup. The used of stingless bee cup can reduce the time of stingless bee to make their own hive/comb.