Royal Honey containing 34.82% of honey and Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly is the crown jewel among beehive products. It is a nutritionally rich, creamy, white, and opalescent liquid. Royal jelly is produced by worker bees and used exclusively for the nourishment of the queen bee, which is recognized for her longevity (compared with regular worker bees - several years vs. just 1-2 months), energy, and stamina for reproductive capability. Royal jelly is always fed directly to the queen or the larvae as it is secreted; it is not stored. This is why it has not been a traditional beekeeping product.

Royal honey can ease insomnia, stress and constipation. Besides, it lower the cholesterol level and it is suitable for high blood patient.

Health Benefits: -

1. helps to maintain lower Cholesterol Levels.

2. contains around 15% aspartic acid which is good for Tissue Growth, Muscle and Cell Regeneration.

3. overcome Impotence.

4. believed to have natural " antibiotic properties " that help the body fight diseases and increase the resistence of the organism and acts as tonic.

5. maintain lower Diabetes.

6. overcome Menopause Related Symptoms.

7. overcome Infertility.

8. maintain Weight Control.

9. improve Rheumatic Fever and Liver Ailments.

10.prevent Age Spots.

11.promote Mental Alertness and Combat Dizziness.

12.enhances metabolism.

13.used in cosmetics to soften the skin, to improve its elasticity and to heal lichen and scab.

14.enhance sexual desire and performance.