Pure honey - Golden is honey that collected by bees in a variety of plants nectar.

Health Benefits : -

* Contains enzyme which can help the body digestion and absorption, promote the body's metabolism.

* Contains minerals such as magnesium and other nutrients which can improve sleeping and sedation.

* Can improve nervousness.

* Reduce stress and relieve mood.

* Can improve the loss of calcium and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

* Contains sugar (glucose) to help the growth of probiotics, regulate gastrointestinal function, promote intestinal peristalsis, help to removes body unwanted feces.

* Contains effect of sterilization, can sterilize oral/mouth and wounds. When dealing with wounds, it can be painted at the affected area to reduce the leakage and pain, promote wound healing and prevent wound infection.

* Anti-inflammatory effect; it is effective to treat cough, dry cough, moisturizing sore throat, reduce tracheal inflammation.