Drenching your hair with propolis leaves your scalp cleansed and your hair thick, shiny, and softly luxurious in two amazing formulas; Hydrating and Strengthening. Propolis is made from tree sap, beeswax, and honey bee magic (enzymes). It protects the beehive and your scalp, too. This key ingredient promotes a vital scalp and incredibly clean hair.

Benefits of Propolis Hair Shampoo: -

1. Deeply cleanses without irritating scalp.

2. Maintains hair’s natural shine and hydration, without weighing it down.

3. Works to strengthen hair texture and improves elasticity, forming a protective shield against environmental damage.

4. Has antibacterial properties that many find effective for treating scalp infections.

5. Help remove build-up from other hair-care products and is good for decreasing oil in hair that is naturally greasy and for treating dandruff.

6. Make hair shinier and stronger.