Propolis Hair Essential Oil is suitable for all kind of hair. It effectively repairs damaged hair; provide nourishing moisture for dry and brittle hair. Press 3 to 4 drops of the product to the palm of your hand; evenly applied to the hair, you can enjoy three different use experiences:

1. Use before shampooing: deep nourish, moisturizing.

2. Use on wet hair: soft.

3. Use on dry hair: silky shine.


• Reduced dandruff - Essential oils can improve the nerves of the head, regulate the secretion of scalp oil and reduce the effect of dandruff.

• Repair damaged hair - Essential oil can help repair damaged hair, strengthen the internal structure of the hair and restore the hair shiny and luster.

 • Prevention of bifurcation - Essential oils can nourish the hair deeply, make the hair more resilient and then keep the hair healthy and prevent bifurcation.

• Improve rough hair quality.