Importance of Honey

Bee products are nature from the bees, and then bees contribute to human. Honey is a natural food, it provides variety of nutrients and benefits that human body needed. Honey has about 60% of natural sugars, and most of the sugars come from fructose and glucose. The moisture content of honey is about 18-20%. In addition, honey also contains vitamins (vitamin B6, vitamin B1), minerals (iron, copper, calcium, sodium), protein, vitamins, micro-elements, amino acids and else.

Nectar contained about 60-80% of moisture content, bees need to undergo processing such as evaporation about 5 to 7 days to reduce the water content of  honey to 18-20% and then cover the honey by using bee wax. When the bee hive/honey comb is fully-filled with honey, beekeepers will collect the honey, filter and then pack the filtered honey into bottle.

Bees are very hardworking, normally a bee can only carry 20 mg of nectar. If collecting 1 kg of nectar, worker bee need to fly about 50 to 60 million times. Besides, to produce of 1 gram of honey, worker bees need to collect about 1500-1600 flowers of the nectar.

With the development of science and technology, people have more understanding with honey. Honey is goods to human health as mentioned below:-

1. Provide 'natural' energy

Honey can produce a lot of carbohydrates which then provide energy for our body. Honey contains natural sugars - glucose which can be quickly absorbed by the body's blood circulation and then quickly provide energy to the body. Fructose found in the honey is slowly absorbed by the human body, but it can provide lasting energy for the body. These energies can help to enhance physical strength, reduce fatigue, and effectively relieve muscle pain caused by excessive exercise, lasting energy for the muscles.

2. Improve the body's immune system

Honey have bactericidal function that can help to prevent the propagation of certain bacteria, thus keep the external wound clean, free from infection and promote wound healing. Honey can also be used to treat small acne, it can inhibit the onset of acne caused by bacteria, promote skin rehabilitation. For thousands of years, honey is considered to be one of the "natural health care products", it can be used to relieve sore throat, nourishing throat, expectorant, lungs, cough effect.

3. Natural moisture absorption effect

Honey's hygroscopic effects make honey widely used in cosmetics, mainly used to keep the skin delicate and prevent the skin dry. Therefore, some people call honey as a natural "moisturizing cream", which can keep the skin moist for a long time. When honey is used in skin and hair care, it makes the skin lasting elasticity, and the hair becomes soft and healthy.

4. Honey contains a lot of antioxidants

Honey contains antioxidant function, it can effectively improve the digestive system, and help the body to maintain health. These antioxidants can help to remove free radicals in the body, promote metabolism and also for the growth of new tissues of the human body.