Bee Venom Composition - Bee Venom is a unique multi-component complex which contains about 30 biologically active compounds, some of which are pratically impossible to get synthesized by chemical methods. The main anti-inflammatory pharmacological components are peptides : melittin, apamin, peptide 401, adolapin and protease inhibitors. Bee Venom is hermorrhagic, differing from snake (viper) venom, which is a coagulant.

Bee Venom therapeutical usage - A partial list of medical studies reported that bee venom was used in the following cases which include nutrition, vitamins supplements, minerals and exercises.(Pheumatological,Cardiovascular,Endocrine,Immune System,Nervous System,Dermatological)

Bee Venom properties - Bee Venom peptides have systematic action: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti- bacterial, anti-pyretic, stimulating vascular permeability. It has also been proven that bee venom has a strong immunological venom action in the body, indirectly through hormone system and directly on cardiovascular system.