Generally, bee larva is the child of various bee kinds or more precisely, the male larvae and harvested shortly prior to hatching. Bee larva is brought up on honey and pollen. But honey becomes a calorie source, so it’s conceivable that the nutritional component is derived from the pollen, same as Royal Jelly.After growing process, it becomes Bee Pupa.

Medicinal Effect of Bee Pupa: -

1. Maintains and improve total mental function

2. Increases and assists in positive Chi energy effect

3. Strengthens immune system

4. Improvement of gray hair, balding and fallen hair and more beautiful skin

5. Tinnitus, hearing disability and dizziness are improved

6. Frequency of nocturnal urination is reduced and as a result enhances sleep

7. Improvement in lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease

8. Menstrual pain and irregularities and menopausal symptoms improved

9. Overcome fatigue and avoid colds and influenza