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B-B UNITED CORPORATION (M) SDN BHD is the major company which involves in the activities of bee breeding and the production, processing and marketing of bee produce based. This company provides clients with technical beekeeping training, production refining training, apiculture sales training, and others. Our main focus are on products’ quality and technologies. Besides, we also provide our clients with advices, technical training, system integration and total solutions services. Furthermore, we are actively promoting the international development strategies with many well-known international manufacturers as to establish close business co-operations with establishments in the Middle East, Singapore, China, Japan and others to expand our international markets, the progressive expansion of the brand, marketing, technologies, management and international standards.

Founder: Mr. Ong Kang Peng was born in 1960, in a remote village called Bukit Baru which is located in the state of Melaka, Malaysia. As a teenager, he already has keen interest in bee’s cultivation where on occasions, he even stayed couple days and nights in the bee farm with the sole purpose of learning more about bees.

 In 1978, Mr. Ong established the company B-B United Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd and the "GIANT B" brand. He invested a great deal of effort in the beekeeping industry while continuing to improve its own honey products through beekeeping, honey processing and their packaging. In addition, his farm had been the choice of visits by major media, including TV stations in Malaysia, Journal of Agricultural and etc. The reputation established by B-B UNITED CORPORATION (M) Sdn Bhd ensures that the company provides the best products -100% pure and genuine.

Under his Chairmanship, B-B United Group of Companies consist of (i) B-B United Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, (ii) B-B Town Sdn Bhd, (iii) B-B Town International PLT, (iv) Seribu Bunga Sdn Bhd (Galeri Lebah Melaka) and each entity functions independently.

B-B UNITED Corp (M) Sdn Bhd has the pioneering spirit and willing to put much effort in bee keeping and innovation. After more than forty years of hard work, the company has made remarkable achievements in this field. In future, the company will seize the opportunity to increase its own products innovation, speed up the internationalization process, achieve economies of scale and development. The company also aims to become an internationally known, competitive apiculture company, ranking among the world Bee Business and to achieve "Malaysia's first brand, famous, world-class enterprise". The company, B-B UNITED CORPORATION (M) Sdn Bhd placed great values on its customers, employees and society.

In the 21st century, healthcare becomes the new pursuit of people's lives and as honey products have its own benefits as being natural, green and healthy, thus it has become their first choice. Honey products have broad market prospects, bringing tremendous development potentials and new opportunities for the bee industry.

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